24/7 Car Jump Start Service in New Jersey

At Neighborhood Roadside Assistance, we make sure that no vehicle gets stranded. Whenever you need a fast and efficient jump start service, call us and we’ll be there in 15-35 minutes. We offer car jump start services in different areas of New Jersey including Maplewood, New Brunswick, Hudson County, East Orange, Middlesex County, Morris County, Edison, Bergen County, Passaic County, Hoboken, Union County, and Essex County.



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Professional Jump Start Service Near You

Any car can suffer from a worn out battery – that’s a fact. Common issues that require a jump start aside from a dead battery include a starter malfunction, clogged fuel line, and bad alternators.
It doesn’t matter what the reason is. When this happens to you, you might need to Google “jump start service near me” to get help as soon as possible. Thankfully, we provide the best service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in NJ.

The #1 New Jersey Battery Jump Start Service

If you’re looking for car battery jump start services that you can trust, you can always call us. Neighborhood Roadside Assistance covers the following areas:
Are you at these locations? Then give us a call and we’ll send our skilled team to get your car running again. We understand the inconvenience caused by a dead car battery, from delays to ruined plans. Don’t let this happen to you, so call us now at (862) 899-3325.

Never Jump Start a Car by Yourself


“Do I need a jump start?” You might be asking this question and then think of doing it yourself. We’re here to tell you that unless you’re fully experienced with the procedure, you could end up damaging your car’s and the other vehicle’s electrical systems.
The safest and most optimal solution to jump start your car’s battery is to hire a professional. We perform a full battery diagnostic procedure to determine whether it really needs a jump start or a replacement.



Why Choose Our Battery Jump Start Service?


Short Waiting Times

It usually takes us 15-35 minutes to get to your location, with an average waiting time of 20 minutes. Our hassle-free service is one of the things clients love about us. We value your schedule.

Emergency Service Whenever You Need It

No matter the time of the day, all you should do is to contact us and tell us your exact location. Finding a mechanic to fix your car troubles in the dead of the night can be frustrating… not to mention, risky. But with our 24/7 service, there’s no need for you to worry.

Safe and Secure

Our company puts high priority on safety. That said, we make sure that all our mechanics are properly trained, licensed, and certified for the job. You can feel more at ease knowing that your vehicle is in good hands at Neighborhood Roadside Assistance.



No. All our roadside assistance services are paid. The price for our professional jump start service will vary depending on your vehicle type and location. In addition, we service all types of vehicles, from sedans to semi-trucks.
Pay attention to common signs like dim headlights, failure to start, or a clicking sound when you attempt to start your vehicle. If your battery is still less than 2 years old, it will most likely need only a jump start – not a replacement.
After jumping your car, we recommend running it for 30 minutes. This will give the battery more time to charge.

Yes. We have the technical skills and equipment needed to jumpstart semi-trucks. This is what sets us apart from other service providers. We cover almost all vehicles, so you can always count on us.


Pamela Gross
Pamela Gross
HIGHLY recommend! The level of service provided by Neighborhood Roadside Assistance was night and day. Long story short, I live in Manhattan and needed a battery replacement. I had scheduled an appointment with another mobile mechanic service provider who did not show or respond to any messages. In a panic (because my car was completely dead and parked in front of a fire hydrant!), I Google searched while sitting in my car and contacted Neighborhood Roadside Assistance. The dispatcher there consulted with her team and said they could have someone out within the hour. About 10 minutes later, I received a call from their mechanic, Mitch, who said he was coming from New Jersey and should be there in 35-40 minutes. Once Mitch arrived, he saw that one of my battery terminals was badly corroded and asked if I knew of a parts store nearby. I did not, so he Googled some locations and we drove around to two different shops trying to get a replacement part! Unfortunately we could not find the right part locally, so he replaced the battery with the existing part but offered to pick one up in New Jersey and come back to replace it! Could not have asked for better service, especially in NYC. Neighborhood Roadside Assistance will be my go-to for any future needs.
Cj Balfour
Cj Balfour
Swift and pleasant assistance, would recommend to everyone
Susan Moskowitz
Susan Moskowitz
They came to help even though I was a bit outside their normal service area. The tech Stefan (sp?) was prompt, so nice and fixed my tire quickly. Would definitely recommend them!!
Jason Rabinovitch
Jason Rabinovitch
Battery replacement - quick, efficient, professional, and friendly. Great service, and highly recommend it!
Lateisha Telfair
Lateisha Telfair
Got to me with it ten min for a jump but a little expensive $75 and had the cables that doesn't need to be hooked up to another car.
Jay Garzone
Jay Garzone
Absolutely a life saver. Fast response, great communication, and great pricing. Had two dead batteries changed in my driveway. Thank you again!!
Chris McGregor
Chris McGregor
My car had sat for a bit so they came out and installed a new battery for me right in my driveway. Another issue was found with my car and they came back out and fixed that for me as well. They were really nice guys and very professional. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their car issues taken care of without having to leave your house.
Yosaira Gomez
Yosaira Gomez
Wow this was amazing. My battery died and couldn’t move my car so I found this website and booked it for the same day. They came within an hour with a brand new battery and installed it in less than 20 minutes. Guy was very nice, professional and quick. Totally recommend it. price was fair , plus installation while doing everything on a rainy day. Easy form of payment too ! You could pay online or cash. I did it online.
Eriana N
Eriana N
We got help within 30 minutes of calling at 1 am Sat morning! Our tire was changed and we were finally on our way after waiting for 4 hours and 5 reassigned teams from our insurance. Absolutely wonderful!!!