10 Effective Tips to Keep Your Car Parked Cool in Summer

a black car parked in the rooftop

It’s often fun to go outdoors and head for the beach during summer. However, driving during the hottest season of the year can be unbearable. Blasting your air conditioner may help, but not if you want to save fuel. The good news is, there are more efficient ways to keep your car drivable even under the heat of the sun. Beat the heat by learning how to keep a car cool in summer with these tips. 

1. Park in the shade when you’re away from home

Leaving your car parked directly under the sun can make you feel like you’re driving in an oven. So the next time you decide to go out driving in the summer, find a shady area to park your car. This can greatly help in lowering your car’s temperature, especially if you’re parking for an extended amount of time. If you’re able to park your car in a public garage, the better.

2. Park in your home garage

One of the easiest ways to keep your car cool in summer is to park it in your garage at home. Avoid leaving your car under direct sunlight as much as possible, especially during summer. Parking in a cooler environment can help make the heat more bearable. Make full use of your home garage and keep your vehicle’s interior cooler during summer. 

3. Use a window visor

Window visors or sunshades are helpful alternatives if you can’t find a shady area to park your car. These visors block and reflect sunlight to reduce the build-up of heat inside your car. They also help protect your electronics from being damaged by too much heat. Consider using window visors if you’re leaving your car out in the open for longer periods.  

4. Tint your windows

Tinted windows can help block UV rays and make the interior of your car significantly cooler and more comfortable. They are similar to a window visor, but even better because you won’t have to remove them when you’re driving. Plus, they also give your car a sharper look and improve the overall style of the exterior. And of course, tinted windows provide privacy as they make you less visible from the outside. 

5. Use a dash cover

Since your dashboard is placed directly under the windshield, it is constantly exposed to UV rays and daylight. Dash covers help protect your dashboard against sun damage and keep cars cool in summer. It will also help remove glare and make driving on a sunny day safer and more comfortable. As a bonus, dash covers block scratches and scrapes from dirt, dust, or other elements that can diminish your vehicle’s resale value. 

6. Use windshield sunshade

Using a windshield sunshade can help lower the temperature inside your car when parked under the sun, even more so than window visors. Your windshield receives the most heat from direct sunlight. Thus, covering it up can keep your vehicle cooler and can help protect materials from breaking down. Not only does sunshade help you beat the heat, but it also keeps your car looking good and maintains its value. 

7. Keep your windows slightly open

Keeping your car cool in summer includes the little things like slightly opening your windows when parking. This promotes ventilation and helps prevent heat from staying inside your vehicle. The fresh air that enters your vehicle can significantly improve the coolness of the interior. Just make sure you don’t open your windows too wide. You don’t want to invite thieves and have your things stolen. 

8. Cover any leather and vinyl surfaces

Leather and vinyl surfaces tend to absorb and retain heat well unlike cotton. They can get extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight, making your seats uncomfortable to sit on. Some steering wheels are made of leather or have a  vinyl finish, which makes it painful to touch when it gets too hot. If you have leather seats, consider using fabric seat covers or using any cloth like a towel to cover your car seat when parked. Also, you can use steering wheel covers to counter the scorching heat during summer. 

9. Try using a solar-powered fan

Technology has come a long way in making our lives more comfortable. A solar-powered fan is just the perfect technology to make use of the extreme heat of summer. This can help ventilate and cool down your car’s interior while parking under direct daylight. And you wouldn’t even need to compromise your fuel or car battery because it only needs the sun to power it up. It’s like leaving your car with a running air conditioner (for free). Perfect, right?

10. Cool your car before driving

When your car is parked for a long time under the sun, take time to let it cool off first before driving. Open your doors for a few minutes and let the cool air replace the hot air inside your vehicle. You can turn on the air conditioner as well, but only if necessary. 


Driving on a bright sunny day of summer is not all that bad. However, it can get frustratingly hot at times. Fortunately, you don’t have to take in all that heat and suffer. You don’t have to rely too much on air conditioning as well. The tips we’ve mentioned above are effective for keeping your car cooler during this season. Treat your car the same way you treat your other valuables — give it the care it deserves. In other words, don’t leave your car directly under the sun for too long.

Last but not least, consider giving your car additional protection with roadside assistance in case something happens. You’ll never know when you’re going to need one. Enjoy the summer!